Thursday, May 9, 2013


We are approaching the time of the inauguration of the reign of the Lord on earth and the establishment of his Kingdom upon the nations of the whole earth. I believe it cannot be far off.
One day the moment will come when the saints will possess the Kingdom. (Dan 7:18,22) "The kingdoms of the world will become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ and He will reign forever and ever". (Rev 11:15) His Kingdom is coming in power and great glory. No one will be able to resist or oppose it. It will be a complete and total victory, an overthrow of Satan's power. At that time there will be a huge harvest - millions will turn to the Lord. John described this when he saw the "Son of Man", the unique title of Jesus, on a cloud crowned with a golden crown and holding a sickle to reap the whole earth. (Rev 14:14-16)
God has through his people established a world wide net that will bring the greatest ingathering of the ages. There are more people alive now than have ever lived; mankind is ripe unto harvest. Early one morning on the shores of Galilee the risen Lord called out to his disciples to cast their net and they caught a catch so big they could hardly land it. This was a preview of what will come. (John 21:1-6) Two things will take place. The tares will be burnt and the harvest will be gathered. The angels will go through the entire world and bring them in. Who are the angels? The word angel means messenger and in scripture is applied to both heavenly angels and people. When Jesus returns he and his people will harvest the nations.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Angels manifest themselves from one realm to another. When they do they appear as real persons, wear clothes and can touch people. Very often they radiate the brightness of God's glory for they come from the presence of his glory. (Matt 28:3, John 20:12, Acts 1:10) Paul was caught into the "third heaven" which indicates there are different levels in the spiritual realms. There are different kinds of angels and there are also fallen beings, principalities and demons. In fact the whole problem of sin started with the rebellion of Satan. In Revelation we are told of a war between Satan's angels and Michael's angels. (Rev 12:7-12) This war takes place in the spirit dimension immediately adjacent to earth. Satan and his angels will be cast out of that realm onto earth and this is followed by a time of conflict. During this period angelic activity will become very intense and I believe that people will see more and more spiritual manifestations of one kind and another. Even as I write there are amazing reports of things that are happening. The world is entering a spiritual conflict. Christians are having more and more spiritual encounters, angelic visitations, and spiritual revelations as barriers between the realms are opened. There are testimonies of our Risen Lord appearing to people world wide. This will increase more and more until the time he “catches” them through the veil right into his Cloud. The exact moment is known to Him alone. Jesus said to Nathanael that he would see the heavens open and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man. Jesus is the true ladder or stairway to heaven. The word "highway" in Isaiah 40 means a viaduct or "staircase" allowing entry into God's glory which will be revealed to all who travel that highway. It is Jesus himself who is the gateway and opens the heavens to enable us to enter; he is the door and mediator into God's realm and Glorious Presence. He is the "ladder" or link between the two realms. (John 1:51, Gen 28:12, Isa 40:3-5, 62:10) After his resurrection the Lord Jesus lived in both realms. He is forever the risen Son of Glory and Eternal God. During the forty days if he wanted to be visible he stepped through the veil into the visible realm. When he wanted to be invisible he stepped back into it. He was in any place at any time with no earthly restrictions. He had no limits, no hindrances. When Jesus departed he simply lifted himself up and stepped through the veil into the Cloud. He did not go like a rocket into the sky but disappeared into the Cloud of God. On the day he returns he will simply step back from the invisible. Weymouth's translation puts it well; "on the day that the veil is lifted from the Son of Man". (Luke 17:30) Paul wrote that we eagerly await the revelation or unveiling (apokalupsis) of our Lord. (1 Cor 1:7) He can come at any time! When he does he will be real, as real as he was to Thomas! There are those who say that Jesus cannot be in two places at the same time. I discount that. He is God with no limits. Scientists now know that quarks, very small particles of matter, can be in two places at one time, how much more the One who made them? His resurrected body is real but not physical; it is a body of Glory empowered by His Holy Spirit.
There is a "veil" that hides God’s realm. Before Adam sinned he had perfect communion with God but after his fall he only heard God’s voice. He hid from the Presence of the Lord. (Gen 3:8) A veil shut off God. This veil will one day open. At his return Jesus will forever destroy the veil that covers all nations. (Isa 25:7-9) At present we look through a "glass" but one day we shall see him "face to face"; "We all, with open (or unveiled) face beholding as in a glass (or mirror) the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory". (1 Cor 13:9-12, 2 Cor 3:16-18)

Sunday, May 5, 2013


For forty days Jesus lived with his people in his resurrection body. He lodged with them, ate with them, and taught them about the Kingdom of God. (Acts 1:3) During this time he came and went with no restrictions or limitations. He lived in two realms, the invisible and the visible, the material and the spiritual. God dwells in the invisible spirit realm, the "heavens". This is not at the other end of the universe but is in another dimension. Jesus must have had access to this realm even as a young lad. He grew up seeing and hearing the Father in perfect communion. (Jn 8:38) At times God has allowed people to see into this realm. (Luke 2:13) Every time "heaven was opened" the veil was drawn aside and people were permitted to see things which were not necessarily far away but right there in front of them in the invisible "heavenly" realm. For example Elisha saw an angelic chariot when Elijah was taken to God. Later he prayed that the eyes of his servant be opened to see the angelic army that surrounded them. (2 Kings 2:11, 6:17) These angels were not far away but nearby in the invisible realm.
In Hebrews 12:1 it is written "we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us". This is the cloud of those people who have gone before into God's presence; they surround us, not far away but just beyond the veil. At death Christians pass through the veil and enter into the presence of the Lord. At the approach of death there is every indication that believers can see through the veil into the invisible realm for they often respond as if someone is there and even talk to them. They sometimes reach out and declare that they can see angels, loved ones and the Lord himself! (Psalm 23, 2 Cor 5:8, Phil 1:23, 2 Pet 1:13-15). I have been in the presence of dying believers who saw through the veil yet I could not. It is a portal that opens at the right time and through which they see and enter. They step out of the physical realm into the spirit realm. We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses. If we have our eyes opened we will see them. (2Kings 7:20)

Friday, May 3, 2013


At the end of the forty days he was lifted up and a cloud received him out of their sight. We are not told how high he went. Contrary to the popular concept of him rising high into the sky he just lifted himself up and was received by the cloud into which he disappeared. (Acts 1:9) This was the Cloud of God, NOT a weather cloud. It was the portal through which the Lord appeared and disappeared. He did what he had done during the previous forty days as he appeared and disappeared except this time he did not return. As we have already considered, heaven is not far away but is another dimension close at hand yet invisible to the finite eye. It is said to be "up" but this is not a physical but spiritual elevation. The idea of him ascending high in the sky comes out of our Western expectations of going up to heaven. This is a Gentile concept. Jewish beliefs see heaven here on earth. The disciples were not gazing into the sky but were looking into heaven. Heaven is not in the upper reaches of the atmosphere but very close, in another dimension. When “heaven opens” it is near by, alongside us.
When Stephen was about to die he saw heaven opened and Jesus standing in the glory of God. He was not looking far into the sky but right in front of him. The veil opened so that he could look into the invisible realm. It was like a portal before Stephen and through which he gazed. Heaven is the spirit dimension. When Jesus stepped into it two men in shining robes stepped out of that dimension and appeared to the disciples. They had a message, "This same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven." (Acts 1:11)
This SAME JESUS, who in risen glory came to his disciples for forty days in his resurrection body, will return in the SAME manner. The same person who died on the cross and rose again will return in his risen body. He will come in the same way he left. He will simply step out of the "cloud" and once more be with his people. When he returns from the invisible realm he will be visible just as he was during the forty days. He will appear to all who love him, to individuals, small groups and to large crowds anywhere in the world. When he comes he will not be confined to an earthly body walking the dusty roads of Israel but will be in a risen body everywhere in the world! He is God and has all Power and Glory of the Godhead. He is also the risen man of glory and as such will be perfectly fitted to live in the realm of earth. His body of glory will have no limits of any kind. He can appear in different forms and in different places. He will be invincible and his disciples will be able to see him and meet with Him. Unbelievers will not be able to enter his presence but believers will and as they do they will meet the Lord, FACE TO FACE, just as Moses did long ago. They will see the King, will be changed to be like him and will never be separated from him.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


After Jesus rose from the dead He remained on earth for forty days. During this time he was visible and on many occasions appeared to believers. Although changed, he nevertheless had a real body, wore clothes, and ate and functioned with them. His own people could see and touch him. He was fully fitted as a new man to remain on earth had he so desired, yet he was risen in Glory, the Eternal God revealed in man. It was to this that John referred when he said; “That which was from the beginning which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon and our hands have handled concerning the Word of life – that eternal life which was with the Father and was manifested to us...” (1 Jn 1:1-3) The disciples not only saw him but they touched him and handled him in his resurrection.
What significance does this have?
We have seen how God's presence in the Old Testament was in the Cloud which was visible to his people. Not everyone could approach that cloud; but Moses was able to enter it and when he did he saw God "face to face". For forty days he was with God in the cloud and when he came out he radiated that glory so much that he had to cover his face. (Ex 34:30-33)
In a similar way believers were with Jesus for forty days in his resurrection glory. Not everyone saw him; only believers. He appeared to them and taught them many things. First he revealed himself to individuals and then to more and more of his followers but no unbeliever could see his visible presence. (Acts 10:40,41) He appeared first to Mary Magdalene and other women. Very early in the morning just before daybreak they went to the tomb. These women loved him dearly and could not stay away. Jesus appeared to them. Then he appeared to more people. Paul gave a detailed account of the order of Christ's resurrection appearances and where he appeared. I believe there is a reason why he did so. Jesus first appeared to individual people who loved Him more than anything else. Then He appeared to small groups of dedicated disciples. Finally he appeared to the larger crowd. He made himself visible wherever and whenever he chose. He came and went at will, stepping between the visible and invisible realms. He was invincible and Thomas declared of him, "my Lord and my God". He illustrated his perfect suitability for life on earth and his ability to interact between the two realms.
The 40 days of resurrection is in direct contrast to the 40 days of temptation Christ suffered. That was a terrible time directly after his baptism when as “The Lamb of God who bears away the sins of the world” he was led by the Spirit as our scapegoat into the wilderness to suffer 40 days of devastating temptation from Satan. His three and a half years of ministry started with 40 days of severe personal conflict and ended with 40 days of triumphant victory.
Peter described this time of resurrection interaction in Acts 1:1-4, 21,22. Everything Jesus said and did from his baptism until he ascended and especially during the 40 days resurrection was to teach about the Kingdom of God. Peter mentions how Jesus “went in and out among us”. To what did he refer? It was to the manner in which Jesus could move between the invisible and visible dimensions right here “in the air”. He stepped in and out. He did not come from the other end of the universe; he was and still is just a step away. Jesus showed them how the Kingdom of God works. It was to this that the two messengers on the Mount of Olives referred when they said “he will come in like manner”. This means in like deportment and character; the same Jesus, the same way.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


When Jesus was transfigured his face and clothes shone like the sun in brilliance. This was the unveiling of his Shekinah Glory. This is what will happen at his appearing (epiphaneia) in glorious light. (1 Tim 6:14-16)
The psalmist wrote that God is clothed in splendour and majesty and covered with light as a garment. (Ps.104:1,2) The prophet Malachi wrote that to those who fear his name the Lord will rise as the "sun of righteousness, with healing in his wings". (Mal 4:2) Peter described Christ's "majesty" as "megaleiotes" meaning "splendour, superb magnificence, mighty power, glory". He foretold that a new day, or "age", will dawn when the “morning star” will arise in the hearts of God's people. (2 Pet 1:17-19)
Morning Star comes from the Greek word "phosphorus", meaning "light bearer". It comes from "phos" meaning to shine or make "luminous", and "phero", "to bear or carry" and refers to the appearing of Jesus in splendour as personal fulfilment in hearts of believers at his coming in glory to establish his Kingdom on earth. The reference to Jesus as Morning Star, (pertaining to the dawn) endorses this theme. (Rev 22:16, 2:26-28) To those who follow him he gives a promise that they will rule the nations and receive the Morning Star. Jesus is the Morning Star who one day will appear as the “Sun of Righteousness” to govern the world in peace. He is the light who shines in darkness and brings God's government into the world. (Isa 9:1-7, John 1: 4-9, Rev 21:23,24)
A new day will dawn when Christ's light will arise and shine within believers. True believers already experience the indwelling of Christ by his Spirit. One day he will reveal himself to those who trust in his name and then the righteous will shine forth (and be resplendent) as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. (Matt 13:43) The Morning Star will arise and shine within believers. We read something similar in Daniel 12:3; the righteous will shine like stars. Believers will appear with him in glory. "Christ is our real life. When he comes back, you will shine with him in all his glory". (Col 3:4 Simplified Living Bible) "When Christ who is our life appears, then you also will appear with Him in (the splendour of His) glory”. (Col 3:4 Amplified Bible) The word ‘appear’ is "phaino" which is derived from phos, to shine. People who saw Christ’s glory described it as brilliant light. When Moses saw God's glory he radiated that glory and his face shone so brilliantly he had to cover it. He had experienced such concentrated exposure to the Lord's presence that he wore a veil. This glory faded outwardly but one day it will remain and believers will share His Shekinah Glory.
Martyrs and faithful followers of Jesus will be given robes of pure white. (Rev 3:4,5,18, 6:11) The word "white" is derived from the word for light and is used to describe the brightness of Jesus in glory. (Matt 17:2, Rev 1:14) Those who are faithful to him will walk in the same whiteness, as pure light, and not be found naked. (Rev 3:4,5,18) God’s children will put on garments of pure white just as He is arrayed in garments of splendour and light. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, reflected this glory and his face looked like the face of an angel.
When Adam and Eve sinned they lost their spiritual covering and became naked. Prior to their fall they were clothed in the glory of God which departed when they chose death rather than life and immortality. However, one day Jesus will restore believers to be like him. Then he will present to himself his church, glorious and without spot or wrinkle. (Phil 3:21, Eph 5:27)
God's people will shine with His Glory. "The Lord shall be their everlasting light" and they will be planted by the Lord for "the display of his splendour". (Isa 60:19,20 and 61:3 NIV Bible)

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Romans 8:1-30
The apostle Paul wrote that the whole creation groans as it waits for the unveiling or "revealing of the sons of God" when God's Sons will be revealed to the whole world. Paul taught that through the indwelling Spirit of God believers are victorious over the sinful carnal nature and one day their mortal bodies will be quickened by God's Spirit to receive full redemption. He described it as the "glorious freedom" of the "sons of God" for which the whole of creation awaits. Believers will be set free from the bondage of the mortal body; carnality, sickness, pain, weakness and death. When this happens believers will conform to the image of Christ and be the "Sons of God". Nothing will be able to harm them. It will be a public display of God's Power and Glory in believers. At that time the Glory of God will be unveiled in His "Sons" and evident for all to see.
John the apostle confirmed this. 1 John 3:1,2 - "Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him: for we shall see him as he is."
The statements Paul made in Romans chapter eight cannot be fully appreciated unless they are placed in the context of chapter seven in which he described the conflict within each believer between the carnal sinful nature and the spiritual nature that desires to serve God. The carnal nature fights against the Spirit. (Gal 5:17) Paul said that he was "carnal sold under sin" and described the law of sin and death which he was powerless to overcome. This war was within the members of his body and worked in him to produce death. There is tension within every believer between the carnal nature and the Spirit. In a very real sense believers are caught between two dimensions or ages. As children of Adam they are subject to the law that in Adam all die. Spiritually however, they have passed from death to life. The day will come in the new age of glory when the tension between the two realms will cease. Paul cried out "Who can set me free from the body of this death?" He longed to be free of the power that worked death in him and it is this very question that he answered in chapter eight. It is through Jesus that it is possible to be victorious and to be controlled by the law of the Spirit of life. Believers receive the “first fruits” or pledge of this when they receive the Spirit of God by which they know that one day they will receive the completed work. (Romans 8:23, 2 Cor 5:5) The infilling of the Holy Spirit is not the final work but only a foretaste of it. Paul declared that one day there is coming total release from the law of death and corruption when the body itself will be set free into glorious liberty. The complete revealing will come when "He shall appear and we shall see him as he is".
How then will this work? When Jesus appears, all those who are walking in His Spirit will be “quickened” by His Spirit. (Rom 8:11) There is an order to follow; first we “walk” in the Spirit and overcome the carnal nature. (Rom 7:23,24) By living in the Spirit we have entry into a new dimension of life in the Spirit. (Rom 8:9,10) By living in His Spirit we are victorious over the carnal nature and then at His Coming His Spirit will fully redeem and quicken (2227 make alive) our mortal bodies. Jesus “shall quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit in you”. Then full resurrection life will be unveiled within our bodies as the “Sons of God”. (Rom 8:19-23).
When this happens believers will become like Jesus. When Jesus walked on earth he was as immortal as when he arose after death. In the earthly body he had no sickness and was not subject to the restrictions of his body for he could walk on water, go from one place to another instantaneously, could be invisible and so on. He was only limited to earthly boundaries because he chose to be. If he had chosen he could have stepped into glory without experiencing death but he chose to go to the cross. When the sons of God are revealed they too will have bodies like he had and be able to do amazing things. For them death will lose its power, they will not see corruption and will be able to step through the veil into his Presence.
There is coming a "day" when the world will enter a new age of blessing. This is a transitional period during which there is an ever increasing growth of His power and glory through the whole world as nations submit to him and even nature itself will share and benefit from the glorious liberty of God's Sons and be brought into harmony and freedom. The entire creation will begin to enter into a new freedom from the suffering which came about by sin and which brought decay and death. When will this happen? When the “Sons of God" are set free. “The universe itself is to be freed from the shackles of mortality and enter upon the liberty and splendour of the children of God”. (Isa 11:4-10, Romans 8:21 NEB) Christ's initial reign will last a thousand years and that is only a foretaste of more!